Aviation French Course

Our aviation French course is designed for UK PPLs looking to broaden their repertoire of aviation-related skills and increase the choice of destinations they can fly to. Many people see language as a barrier to taking advantage of France's huge network of small airfields and flying clubs. With a little training, this need no longer be the case.

Why such a course?
This course was born out of many emails and phonecalls received from British pilots worried about the language aspect of flying in France, a country whose inhabitants are not necessarily known for their fluid grasp of English! The idea is to demonstrate that aviation French, much the same as aviation English, need not be a barrier to flying.

But surely English is the language of aviation?
It is and it isn't. Rather than being the language of aviation, English is the language by default. This means that if you speak the language of the country you fly in, you should use that language. If you don't, then English is used instead. However, at local level, this is not always the case. Many airfields specifically state "French Only" on their charts. At these airfields, communications are normally expected to be carried out in French. Such fields are generally uncontrolled, and giving and understanding position reports is key to good situational awareness.

Course content

- Arriving and departing at uncontrolled airfields
- Arriving and departing at "French only" AFIS airfields
- Flight planning in France
- French regulations
- French airspace
- Anything else you always wanted to know about flying in France, but were afraid to ask

The Course Tutors

James Emery
A graduate of the University of Surrey's Centre for Translation Studies, James Emery currently works both in France and the UK as a technical translator and interpreter. He holds a French PPL with ICAO level 6 language proficiency in both French and English, having completed his flight training entirely in French.

Anthony Ferment-Houmard
Anthony is a fully qualified French FI (A) currently teaching PPL students at the Dassault Flying Club in Saucats, just south of Bordeaux.

Costs and booking

The current cost of the course is 350 pounds. This includes:

- 12 hours training
- Lunch each day
- French wine and cheese evening
- Tea and coffee
- Cakes
- Test at the end of the course

If you would like to book a course, please contact us by telephone on 02392 162 173 or by e-mail to contact@bespokelanguagesolutions.co.uk

The Legal Bit - Terms and Conditions

This course is provided by Bespoke Language Solutions Ltd as an intensive aviation-themed language course. It is not endorsed by any aviation authority. Completion of this course does not result in the issue of any officially-recognised qualification. Pilots remain responsible for operating their aircraft in a legal manner and for ensuring that all of their qualifications are valid when they fly.